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Hi everyone.  I am a little over 2.5 years out from finishiing my treatment and feeling pretty darn good.  Although I've started to have right sided hip pain and low back pain by my sacrum.  Sometimes, like right now it feels like a burning pain.  I went to the chiro yesterday who indicated it was my SI joint being rotated.  Got some heat, adjusted and stim and felt world's better.  Today it's back.  It's in the joint, my butt and hip.  One problem, my 8lb kitty Olive likes to sleep across my ribs and side which could be a cause it not an additional issue to this, but my intuition is saying otherwise.  And she's been doing that for years and I've never had this problem.  Has anyone else had issues with their hips, SI joints or other things in the pelvic area after radiation?  I'm not sure if I need to go to my primary or if I should go directly to the oncologist.   I hope everyone is feeling well today!  Big hugs!  Michele

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Yes, lots of hip pain/stiffness/weakness since treatment. I think it’s par for the course, unfortunately. Stretching and yoga really help and you might want to see a physical therapist for more specifics. Hope you can get some relief!
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Hi Julie! Thanks so much. Yeah I had a lot of issues when I finished and saw a pelvic floor therapist which really helped and it eventually went away. This just started a few months ago and has been on and off. Now it's just on and has been keeping me up now. I just looked up a bunch yoga poses so I'm definitely going that route. But I may still go to my primary and get a quick xray to be certain nothings falling apart and see about the PT script. I haven't had this much pain with it before. Thanks again for your help. Hope you're doing well :)
I am just starting to have pain in right hip 6.5 years out, but saw ortho who attributed it to arthritis. You might talk to your radiation oncologist about it. I second the yoga/stretching advice, very helpful. I get this weird cramp sometimes in my hip when getting in and out of my small car, but I attributed it to age. Another thing: before AC I was having hip pain, but realized we needed a new bed, and that solved the problem. Just a thought. Feel better soon!
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Thanks so much. I better not need a new bed LOL I have a temp mattress and it's not that old, it was like buying a car OMGosh! I didn't have any hip pain until the radiation.
I am almost 2.5 yrs out. I have hip/sacrum/butt pain that has been getting worse in the last 6 months. I plan to tell my radiation doctor when I see him next week. I feel pain also in my skin and fat. It all just aches and sometimes has shooting pains. It did start to get better after treatment but started to get worse over the last few months. I’m sure my doctor will just say it’s the affects of treatment and he will do nothing as usual.
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I'm sorry you're having the same thing and more! Let's see I also have tremors which two doctors blamed each other for, that was fun. So now I just embrace them when they happen. I know there was one gal who had to have a hip replacement, her case was extreme but that's why I want to stay on top of this and was curious how many others were having the same issue. The doctors don't listen, I taught mine a ton of stuff it was incredible.
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Yep, same here.
It may try well be your lower back. I have a problem due to age and thought it was my hip but the nerve in your lower back runs out across your hip and down your leg. I went to an orthopedic dr and they took ex-rays right away and located the problem. I got a targeted shot done with ex-rays and PT and it no longer hurts, although I expect it to return, at which time I will have to get treatment again. Good luck.
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Thank you so much for your support. I will definitely keep this in mind :)
My oncologist sent me to have an MRI to see where my pain is coming from. I get it from my hip to differant parts of my right leg,not my left at all. Since I finished my treatments on 2/5/19 I've had pain in mine and he thinks its radiating from my back. Gets so bad sometimes I have to use a cane to walk with.
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Stretches, yoga, thai massage..... anything to counteract the side effects of radiation
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Well I think I've narrowed it down by doing some yoga last night to 1) radiation and 2) 54 is coming. I could not believe how tight I was and not just on that side so I'll keep up with the yoga stretching and see how that goes. If it doesn't get any better in a week then I'll go to the doctor. I hate wasting my time going to the doctors especially when I have some many soul sisters sharing their experiences and knowing I'm not alone! Thanks for sharing!
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You will be amazed at how much even 15 minutes a day can help. Of course we all try to get more but even 15 will help if you do it daily. I have had debilitating pain in my low back/sacrum/right hip for a while now. I am 5 1/2 years out from treatment. I am going to get an mri and a consult from a Neuro surgeon. I already had an mri 3 years ago and I have a bulginging disc at L3-4 right where my scoliosis is. I have been practicing gentle yoga and it really helped, but in the last 6 months I have been having trouble with yoga because certain moves can cause back spasms. So I am going to check what is stopping me from my yoga!
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I do have hip pain at times. I plan to try yoga or at least stretch exercises. Best wishes!
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Yep I'm all over the yoga, thanks so much!
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Not uncommon after this treatment. It's happened to me and many others here. I hope it's only temporary in your case.
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Hi there. Yes, I think it's also from starting to exercise again and age. Thanks so much for your support!!
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I had pain on the side of my right hip and buttock 4 1/2 months post treatment (Late Aug 2018). It took several doctors, xrays and two MRIs to figure out I had a Sacral Insuffiency Fracture. I ended up using a walker for 5 months as it continued to crumble through Dec 2018, PT for 8 months and I’m still on pain meds (although I’ve cut back to half dose). It’s been 1 1/2 years and it’s still healing. I have trouble sitting in bad chairs, cars, etc for more than 1/2-2 hours, sleeping in one position too long etc. but I’m getting back to hiking, took one bike ride, and as long as I’m careful, cross country skiing and gardening. I saw at least 9 different docs because they either thought it was my hip, back or sciatica/leg. Each one would drop me once they figured out it wasn’t their specialty. I finally was referred to UCDavis (out of state) to see an orthopedic oncologist. He only looked at xrays which don’t show much. By last October it was showing improvement so he was done with me too. I spoke with both my radiation oncologist and chemo doc and yep, my radiation was definitely focused on these bones and the chemo can also decrease bone density. I have an osteoporosis doc now who switched me to Prolia to help with my bone density. I wish I’d known that this was a possibility prior to treatment as I may have argued for a more conservative approach since I already had osteopenia. I worry that eventually I’ll need a new right hip as it continues to have a catch and small labral tear. Get in to see a good orthopedic doc and tell them you’ve had pelvic radiation and you want to rule out an SIF. Good luck! Cancer sucks! I am almost 2 years post treatment and have my follow up CT next week. Fingered crossed!
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Thank you for all the information. It is incredible how many doctors we have to go through for answers. I have everything crossed for you that you are clear and good to go!!! Hugs to you!!
Hi Michele,
I have issues with my SI joint and posts muscles and have for years even before AC. You can get an adjustment and other treatment, and then the next day it's back. My SI joint goes out because my psoas muscle is tight so maybe ask your pelvic PT to check it. There are some great stretches to help with this. If it is your SI joint/ psoas muscle, be very careful about yoga stretches as it will easily get out of whack if you're doing any split stance poses. It's important to keep you hips squared off. I have worked really hard to strengthen my core, glutes, and adductors to help stabilize the SI joint and have been pretty good for the last couple years.
My initial thought in reading your post is maybe you have some osteoporosis or osteopenia? Have you had a bone density scan? If not, it might be worth getting just to establish a baseline. My scans showed osteopenia after treatment and then stabilized with meds, but I stopped taking them a few years ago. My most recent scans now show osteoporosis in my right hip (bummer!) so I am working even harder to strengthen lower body and adding more weight-bearing exercises to my routine.
I hope you get some answers. It might be worth getting an MRI of your lower back in addition to a bone density scan. At our age, we all have degenerative stuff, but it could show more specific issues.
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OMGosh no split stance poses here! LOL Very gentle all on the floor on my back stretches for now. I'm a massage therapist so I know not to push it. I have gotten so much information here it's amazing! Thank you for yours!! I'm making notes of everything so I can decide what action to take. Have a lovely day!! Hugs!
Hi Michelle, I don't have hip pain yet but I have problems with left shoulder and don't know if I had ever I injured it but it hurts with any movement. After treatment, many little annoyances started like tendonitis, tenderness to me left elbows, eyes degenerated. I'm sure the intense treatment we went through had alot to do with it. Planning to go to orthopedist next to get therapy or MRI
Happy birthday Michele!
Happy birthday week!
Hope you are able to find a way to celebrate your big day, despite these strange times!
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